CityKnots (UX): tailored experiences for every traveler

CityKnots is a growing startup in Costa Rica focused on creating custom travel experiences for millennials. I consulted for this company since the inception of the project and conducted a full range of UX activities including user research, information architecture, task and user flow maps, creation of wireframes, and in-person usability testing. I was also directly involved in the design of the user interfaces for the mobile and web services, which can be seen here.

The following images are the result of some of the service design activities that were conducted over several months. They include aspects of research, service exploration, information architecture, culture and project planning. Overall I was given great freedom and resources to conduct research and to iterate over the architecture of the service, and I aimed to maintain a cohesive and clear service ecosystem.


Research and strategy

High level inventories, a section of the competitive analysis

High level inventories, a section of the competitive analysis

User flows (for funneling)

User flows (for funneling)


User profiling

Several user journeys were drafted based on interviews, surveys and secondary sources.



Information architecture

Content inventories can be displayed as hierarchical diagrams, but they can later be adapted to be display in the form of wireframes.




To see the user interfaces created based on this work, please go here.