Hubway analytics visualization

This visualization was created as part of my Technologies II class at Northeastern University. It takes open data from Boston's Hubway bike sharing service, detailing daily trips between stations performed by members and casual users. The visualization explores patterns of use between pairs of stations as well as the duration of every trip. The project was created using d3.js and canvas and can be explored here.


Every trip is represented as an arc in a 12-hour "clock". The start and end points of the arc represent the times when a user started and finished using a bike respectively. The interface on top allows to filter between morning and evening trips, as well as between a pair of stations. If no end station is selected, the visualization will show all trips originating from the start station, and vice versa.

These sketches show a glimpse into the design process and reveal how the visual representations of the data changed dramatically as the analytical questions became more defined.

The original mockups were created in Sketch and featured a more conventional linear layout and an arc diagram at the bottom. These were later combined into a single graphic during the development phase.