Singapore data: development indicators of a country


As an assignment as part of my Masters in Information Design and Visualization at Northeastern University, I was required to represent a series of human development indicators for the country Singapore.

Singapore proved to be an interesting challenge because it's a very small country surrounded by very large nations, and yet it's still highly developed and unique in certain ways.

The result was a 32 x 24in (81 x 62cm) infographic with eight main categories, including information about population, geography, trade and history, among others.

Complete visualization.  Click here  for full size image.

Complete visualization. Click here for full size image.

One of the biggest challenges I faced in this project was to create a cohesive narrative that would govern the entire infographic. I believe I was successful at creating an array of visualizations to represent several kinds of data (e.g. temporal, continuous, categorical, etc), but more work could be done in creating a more interesting narrative.


Some charts are more abstract and designed completely "by hand":


Other charts were completed with the aid of d3.js: