Visualizing personal traveling


As an assignment as part of my Masters in Information Design and Visualization at Northeastern University, I was asked to visually represent three trips that I take on a regular basis or that I'd like to take.

My solution was to visualize the qualitative dimension of space-time by segmenting my trips into discrete units, tied by a number of variables. Every unit speaks of how I feel and what I am doing during that particular moment of the trip.

Complete visualization.  Click here  for full size image.

Complete visualization. Click here for full size image.

Every trip is comprised of twenty small multiples, each representing five variables: stamina, happiness level, type of transportation, location on the map and an additional variable that changes according to the trip.

I experimented with different layouts and styles. Furthermore, the assignment was very unconstrained and it gave me the freedom to be less accurate, which up until this point had rarely happened in my work.

An early proposal depicting the events of my journey along a vertical axis and a geometric map on the right.

An exploration of small multiples in different layouts, orientations and colors.